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Surface Treatment
Extending Service Life, Enhancing Resistance to Damage
Surface Treatment with the Precision Processing Method
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Customized Services
Customization, Integration of Technologies, One-stop Service
We can provide optional solution to meet the diversified needs of customers
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ESC Design and Refurbishment
Diversified Products, a wide range of Semiconductor consumable parts.
Committed to innovation, developing the most technologyically.
advanced products to our customers.
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Design and Manufacture for Tool components
Improved Reguirements Specifications, Improved yield Performance.
Process optimization.
Part and Component Designed and Produced by our Professional & Knowledgable R&D Team.
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Independent Factory
Self-owned Factory, Dedicated Clean Rooms
R&D, Manufacturing and Entire QC Monitoring
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About us


Grasp the key to the trend, and keep pace with the times in corporate service capabilities.
Since 1965, with the changes of the world economic trend, K-max has developed various types of heavy machinery industry and petrochemical industry, and has now moved towards the development of environmental protection industry and high-tech industry, and has become a technology and environmental protection industry. And the best choice for technical services. From R&D to manufacturing, the key strategic partner of international manufacturers. In recent years, in addition to providing technology-related industry customers in Taiwan and the world, various equipment components and technology-related services, Jianhong Technology has also actively improved its own R&D and manufacturing capabilities, introduced various cutting-edge technologies from abroad, and produced it by itself. Provide customers with more competitive prices and products more in line with customer needs, and bring customers better added value.