To Our Suppliers

K-MAX shall abide by the highest integrity standards in all business Interactions. When engaging in commercial activities, participants shall not directly or indirectly promise, provide, approve or accept bribe or any of other forms of unjustifiable benefits, nor commit any unlawful act or a breach of fiduciary duty. All employees shall comply with fair trading regulation to protect the lawful rights of both parties. Anyone who discovers any illegal, unethical, dishonest behavior or any violations of government laws shall report through the channels as below:  

* By Email:
* By Phone: 886-2-2713-6612 EXT: 507。

For employees who report any violation of the code of ethics or fraud and participate in the investigation process, the company will protect them from unfair retaliation or treatment. For those who violate the ethical code of conduct or commit fraud, the company will take various appropriate punishments depending on the severity of the case

1. The reporting format should be in written and clearly stated: the name of the informant, company, department and title, the name of the accused person, department and title, the date, and description of the content. If the case is being reported by telephone, it should be supplemented with written description about the violation case.

2. Violation case handling procedure:
(1) Quick Respond: K-Max will assign a person to handle the violation case and set up an 
investigation committee.
(2) Processing Time: within 30 days from the day when the company accepts the violation case, if 
the processing time needs to be extended, we will notify the informant by phone or in writing.
(3) Investigation Result: K-max will notify the infomant by letter, telephone or other means.

3. Corrective measures:
(1) After investigation and veritified to be true, the relevant unit should review the relevant internal control system and operating procedures, and take preventive action to prevent the same thing from happening again.
(2) The responsible unit will report to the Vice President, regardig with handling method, follow-up review and corrective measures.