1965-1988 Brand entrepreneurial period-focus on the industry, precision manufacturing
  • 1973 Set up a factory to engage in mechanical equipment manufacturing and precision mold production
  • 1975 Assist the Air Force of the Republic of China in the production of components for aerospace industry
  • 1976 Contract for 2000KL LPG ultra-low temperature storage tank of China National Petroleum Corporation
  • 1978 Assisting the Philippine Electric Power Company to install a water circulation system
  • 1979 Contracted PetroChina 5000MT liquefied ethylene ultra-low temperature storage tank project
  • 1984 Contracted the large Taipei gas (5000 M3) natural gas ball groove project
  • 1988 Contracted the Methanol Storage Tank Project of Taishuo Company (3000M3)
1989-1999 Industrial transformation period-technology integration, diversified services
  • 1989 Established the report conductor factory engineering department; built the ultra-pure water system of the second plant of Lianhua Electronics
  • 1990 Contracted to build a flue gas desulfurization wastewater treatment system project for TSMC’s Xingda Plant
  • 1992 Contracted Baoren Company to build the butadiene ball groove project of Chi Mei Company (3200M3)
  • 1996 Contracted ABB to build the FGD wastewater treatment system project of Taipower Linkou Power Plant
  • 1997 Contracted the installation project of ultra-pure water system equipment of Nanya Technology No. 1 Plant:
                 Contracted LOX Storage Tank project for Guanyin Plant of Sanfu Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • 1998 Contracted the installation of ultra-pure water system in the second plant of Dego Semiconductor; established the sales department of semiconductor and optoelectronic components
  • 1999 Contracted Lianhua Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd.-Petroleum Receiving Station
                 Contracted Yadong Industrial Gas Co., Ltd.-Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Oxygen Storage Tank
2000-present Globalization period-R&D innovation, resource platform
  • 2000 China Fujian consumer electronics (3CC) plastic injection and component surface treatment processing plant completed
  • 2001 Contracted TSMC 14 factory to install ultrapure water pipelines and treatment equipment
  • 2002 Established Shanghai office in China
  • 2003 Changed its name to K-max Industrial Co., Ltd. and established Hsinchu and Tainan offices
  • 2004 Established semiconductor equipment repair and maintenance service department
  • 2005 Obtained a maintenance service contract for UMC's factory
  • 2006 Import ERP system
  • 2007 Passed ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • 2008 Established K-max Singapore branch to expand business in Singapore and Southeast Asia
  • 2009 Obtained ISO:2008 renewal certification. Established a research and development center to develop vacuum and electrostatic adsorption application systems
  • 2010 To improve customer service quality, introduce CRM system
  • 2011 Expand the scale of the clean room of the production line and improve the cleanliness level
  • 2014 Import laser 3D scanner
                 Obtained TSMC equipment maintenance in-plant service contract
  • 2015 Import X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  • 2016 Imported vacuum pressing machine
                 Imported reciprocating grinder
                 Import of automatic precision sandblasting machine
  • 2017 Set up ESC automatic cleaning production line
  • 2018 Passed ISO 14001
                 Passed ISO 45001
                 Import ESC temperature test equipment
  • 2019 Design and manufacture large (1200*1300) ceramic ESC
                 Metal graphite product line corresponds to 5nm process
  • 2020 Imported helium-neon laser surface cleanness measurement instrument
                 Imported laser cleaning machine
                 Set up yellow light department
  • 2021 Established quartz and silicon processing production lines
                 Introduction of rotary grinder